Weight Control

Don’t get caught up in the inconsistent diet trends and weight loss fetishes. Here at Preventative Medicine Clinic of Beverly Hills we go beyond fitness and work on our patients’ total wellness. Achieve optimal health through our wide variety of hormone therapy and weight control services.

Are you tired of doctors telling you all test results are coming back fine when you are not feeling 100 percent? We help your body heal and restore itself naturally without the harm of pharmaceuticals. Whether your thyroid is not functioning properly or maybe your hormones are out of whack, give us a call.

We will design a customized treatment for you to make sure you are not just working on your fitness, but are prioritizing your wellness. If our bodies are out of balance it can cause several negative side effects.

If you are looking for a weight control service or need hormone replacement therapy, call our healthy aging center, Preventative Medicine Clinic of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, CA, today!