Gary London, M.D.
Dr. Gary London, a recognized expert in hormone restoration, works exclusively to help patients delay or reverse the effects of aging.

How Bioidentical Hormone Supplements Can Change Your Health

Older age often leads to hormonal imbalances. Men and women typically experience a drop in essential hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, which can produce unwanted physical and emotional changes. Poor sleep, low muscle mass, and fatty tissue are some of the signs of insufficient hormone production. With hormone therapy in West Hollywood, individuals suffering from these problems can see dramatic improvement. Bioidentical hormone supplements are commonly prescribed as part of hormone therapy. Because these supplements are bioidentical, they are chemically the same as natural hormones, ...

What to Ask Your Doctor About Low Testosterone

Testosterone is an essential male hormone. Despite the importance of testosterone to male health, though, the body generally produces less of it with age. When testosterone levels drop, men can experience physical and emotional consequences. Hormone therapy for men near West Hollywood can help men suffering from low testosterone. If you suspect that you have this problem, these questions and answers can make it easier to understand your condition and the steps your doctor can take to address it: How do I know if I have low testosterone? Low testosterone often produces visible side effects in ...

Recognizing the Signs of a Thyroid Problem

Hormone therapy in West Hollywood can help men and women suffering from thyroid issues. This video explains the warning signs of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Have your weight loss attempts been unsuccessful? If you have increased your calorie burn and lowered your calorie intake, but you still cannot lose weight, it may be because of hypothyroidism. This problem may also present as chronic exhaustion or dry skin. Hyperthyroidism often develops as incessant hunger, low weight, and insomnia. However, thyroid supplements can address these conditions. Do you have symptoms that point to a ...

Which Foods Support Your Anti-Aging Efforts?

A nutritious diet can do more than sustain energy levels and stave off weight gain. What you eat can also delay the symptoms of aging. To maintain a youthful physique, consider your food choices. Berries Anti-aging experts often talk about the importance of antioxidants. Older age frequently puts men and women at risk for free radical damage. Free radicals are substances that interfere with cellular function, which can trigger symptoms of aging. Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that can counteract the presence of free radicals and prevent them from causing harm. Blackberries, ...

Exploring the Issue of Low Libido in Men

Low libido can be a frustrating problem for men and their partners. Not only might men be concerned about their low sex drive, but also they could be reluctant to discuss it. As a result, they might be missing out on the many benefits of hormone therapy in West Hollywood. Men who believe that they have this condition should not hesitate to contact a hormone therapy expert for treatment. Causes Low sex drive does not have a singular cause. Some men might be surprised to find that their everyday habits could be contributing to this problem. For instance, the excessive consumption of alcohol can ...
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